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Um... idk what im soppoused to type X3. Well i like to draw and im very imaginitive like uber imaginitive. I'm a triplet if you havent noticed (noob >:p). I dont really have any favorite sports unless im playing with friends then i like them all. Oh this is Celestail7 if u didn't know =p. I just like to be with friends and my brothers. uuummmm... I wanna make Video games when im older so people can play them and enjoy them but i'd like to make a new system so games r more active. If my game thingy works i wanna buy all major game companie's (Nintendo,Microsoft,Bungie,Sony,Etc. BOW BEFORE ME >:U)thats pritty much it for the time being read my bio or be destroyed thank you >:p.(added10/20)Me and my brother's are 15 by the way our birthday is June 4th.
Welcome to the Wasake Guild Website!

    Wondering what Wasake is?  In the Lakota Indian language the word for strong is Wasake.  We strive to be a strong, friendly guild who is dedicated to helping one another to the best of our abilities while having fun together.  Our home server is Tarlach and the official guild channel is channel 4.

    If you are interested in joining Wasake contact our Recruitment Officer Hawley.  Our guild stone is located south of the west Dunbarton gate.
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